Thursday, Sept 15th at 6pm

Back from your Virgin year, dear dust bunny, you’re going to experience something called “decompression”. Flush toilets? Cool! Money? What’s that? Your boss doesn’t want to hug you when you walk in the door? Your friends and co-workers can’t quite wrap their minds around your stories? Of *course* you rode a sailing ship art car, saw time run backwards, and crawled inside the mind of Leonardo daVinci!

Come grab a PBR or fruity cocktail with your fellow South Bay Burners, and connect with others who just popped their playa-cherry to share your BRC experiences and corroborate your tall tales!

And ... get your "official diploma" (suitable for framing) certifying you as an ex-virgin!

WHERE: Khartoum, 300 Orchard City Dr, #101, Campbell, CA
WHEN: Thursday, September 15th beginning at 6pm
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Friday, October 7th in Downtown San Jose

We had so much fun, we're doing it again!

It's the final First Friday/Street Market of the season in downtown San Jose! Once again, we’ll have a 10x20 booth with the South Bay Burners banner, plus posters of art created by South Bay Burners for Burning Man.

If YOU have a great photograph from this year's Burning Man, let us know and we can include it in our slideshow running on a large monitor in the booth.

We’ll be handing out postcards and stickers to interested people and hopefully meeting some freshly dusted ex-virgins, or long-time burners who didn’t realize there was a South Bay Region!

WHERE: In front of Anno Domini Gallery, 366 S 1st St, San Jose
WHEN: Thursday, October 7th beginning at 6pm
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