Meet & Greet - Thursday, 9/25 in Campbell!

    Ring in the "new year" with your fellow South Bay Burners!

    Back from your Virgin year, dear dust bunny, and your friends and co-workers can’t quite wrap their minds around your stories? Of *course* you saw a flying carpet, an Alien Siege Machine, and climbed into the heart of a 72-foot woman in the middle of the desert! Come grab a PBR or fruity cocktail with your fellow South Bay Burners, and connect with others who just popped their playa-cherry to share your BRC experiences and corroborate your tall tales!

And ... get your "official diploma" certifying you as an ex-virgin!

WHERE: Khartoum, 300 Orchard City Drive, Campbell

WHEN: Thursday, 9/25 from 6pm to 9pm

Link to Facebook Event

SoulFire Decompression, Oct 17-19 in Los Gatos!


As you remember Black Rock City this year, and all the amazing theme camps, art cars, pieces of art, or ways of gifting that you wish you could bring home with you, know that YOU CAN! We’ll be creating “SoulFire Camp” at Lupin the weekend of October 17/18/19 to co-create Burning Man in our own backyard. Relive your favorite moments, recreate your favorite art piece, or re-connect with all those South Bay Burners you met on the playa!

Plan to celebrate for the full weekend camping, and help us to re-create a bit of the playa before you shake out your tent one last time. Bring your favorite 2014 SWAG, bring your new favorite playa cocktail, and bring your dusty selves. Share the new talents you learned while out there, and lead a workshop or activity. Show off your dustiest piece of clothing!

    Tickets are now on sale - click here!