On-Playa Meet & Greet

Tuesday, Sept 1st at 3:00pm

    Drop by to find other South Bay Burners!

WHERE: South Bay HardCORE Camp within Sizzleville, 6:30 and Geek

WHEN: Tuesday, Sept 1st at 3:00pm (continues until the rum runs out!)

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Come meet the home-town burners you can play with the other 51 weeks of the year (and connect with your Regional Contact)! Bring your cup and enjoy a fruity rum drink while you cross-pollinate with all the local burners you haven't met yet! Starts at 3, continues until we run out of ingredients (gifts of rum, juice, or beer much appreciated!)



Thursday, Sept 3rd at 10:00pm

    South Bay Community Art Project:
“Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow” Thursday Night Burn

“Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!” Drop by the giant Hat art piece on the playa, and the magician’s stage is yours to amaze your friends with your best Burt Wonderstone impression! Or just say ABRACADABRA and ascend the ladder to marvel at the giant bunny ears and look out across the playa. But first --- you have to find the secret door! The stage will be open all day for drop-in performances (or just a heart willing to marvel) Monday-Thursday.

Impromptu magical happy hour Wednesday at 3:00 inside the hat!

But on Thursday night, the giant magician's hat will burn! Come one, come all and see the giant bunny ears disappear faster than you can say HOCUS POCUS! Get there early, as you won’t want to miss a front row seat to the South Bay Region’s own community burn – for all of us to enjoy!

We’ve started an Indigogo campaign too, so if you’d like to see what we’ve been working on, or get some awesome swag, check out our build video and perks: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow Indigogo Link

WHERE: To be announced - or check your Black Rock City map of art installations!

WHEN: Perimeter is set at 8:30pm, Burn starts at 10:00pm SHARP
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